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Matthew Reese

Had a ball with @jdavis_31 skydiving for his bday :) Memories that last forevs! #skydiving ... See MoreSee Less

14 hours ago

Margaret MonaghanGreat time had by father and son36 minutes ago

Sheryl MedhurstAwesome pics!1 hour ago

Sheryl MedhurstOh wow that is so cool ;)!!! Mmm giving me an idea now...2 hours ago

Bhavna DKPretty Dilipkumar12 hours ago

Matthew Reese

"Red Bull gives you wings"... Sky Diving with @jdavis_31 on his BDay! #crazy #1stTime ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Margaret MonaghanEnjoy yourselves.2 days ago

Matthew Reese

"Red Bull gives you wings"... Sky Diving with @jdavis_31 on his BDay! #crazy #1stTime ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Fabie IndaWow ! Fantastic ! ❤️👍🏻 Flying boys! 😄2 days ago

Maryse LandesJust two quick questions : Does the photo has been taken BEFORE OR AFTER THE JUMP ? 😄 And..... Have you FILMED with a GoPro ? #truth about #brave men ! 😎😜2 days ago

Maryse Landes👍🏻💙! Crazy #sensations !? 😜 Go boys ! ❤ #skydiving #flyingboys #brave men !! days ago

Matthew Reese

Happy Birthday Son @jdavis_31 #18 ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Margaret MonaghanA Happy 18th Birthday wish from a very proud Dad.3 days ago

Fabie IndaSame date for me (but with a few more years)...The leo born on 27 are the best 😉Excellent birthday, @Jdavis_31 ! 😀🎉 - Matt, your son is beautiful #prouddad3 days ago

Tiffany RichanHappy Birthday George! Ma Tiff Loves you!!!!2 days ago

Elena OntiveroHappy Birthday!!! Feliz cumpleaños! ;)3 days ago

Monique PrasadHappy birthday2 days ago

Maryse Landes💙 ! You knew how to transmit the #best of yourself in his heart. I'm not amazed that you received in return the #blessing which you deserve : #pride of a noble #daddy !! #BE A #perfect #exemple3 days ago

Matthew Reese

Today... He turns 18 years old... #son #proudDad @jdavis_31 ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Fabie IndaFather & son, A beautiful photo3 days ago

Matthew Reese

The little things that our kids do for us to freeze time, and cause us to thank God above for sending them to us! #grateful #daughter @avery1331 ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Margaret MonaghanBeautiful words from a lovely Daughter written to a special Dad. You are both very blessed to have each other and also Jordan.5 days ago

Adriana GonçalvesThis is so beautiful.5 days ago

Fabie Inda❤️ this ! A so touching dedication that proves once again your father values in the heart of your daughter... Avery & Jordan are your most beautiful love story5 days ago

Maryse Landes💞 A GIRL who knows her father's love, finds how to erase the distance, keeping faith, to change little thinks into joy of life, ✨ CREATING MAGICAL MOMENTS ✨ for #BE. I think that your daughter, Avery, reflects your sensitivity... Lucky daddy ! Sometimes, she's, as you, so touching ! You can be proud of her !! 💖5 days ago

Matthew Reese

Memories... #tbt ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Fabie IndaPerfect b&w photo ! There is here something invisible that everyone can still see ! #truelove leaves a memory no one can steal 😉 #loveislouder #lovebeam6 days ago

Maryse LandesA big love marks the soul for ever and its imprint tests the limits of the 💙 as the time honors its sincerity. #LoveWins #BE ! A beautiful photography !7 days ago

Matthew Reese

Yankees win!! Great game!! ⚾️👍😜 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Matthew Reese

Work hard... Play hard! #NYC #yankees ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Louie CaleYou guys rock! I learned a lot last weekend @ Westchester. Thank you.1 week ago

Fabie IndaMotto number one! Keep up the spirit, Matty "Work hard (sure) but above all play FABULOUS!" 😉 Great stay in #NYC #Goodtime with friend2 weeks ago

Maryse LandesOh yeah ! 😜 A #Goodtime with a friend to #BE #alive ! A right way to stay #balanced ! 💙 !! #lifestyles Thanks for sharing Matthew.2 weeks ago

Margaret MonaghanGlad you are enjoying game.2 weeks ago

Matthew Reese

Japanese Art Work for "One Shot"... #movies ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

April Boatman BrownI loved this movie!!! Watched it twice in one day!2 weeks ago

Maryse LandesBelle couverture, où l'on vous voit clairement, de face, ce qui ne gâche rien ! ;-) Ce film, "One shot", amène une réelle réflexion et dépasse de très loin les films classiques de guerre ; Je ne regrette vraiment pas mon achat, Monsieur Matthew Reese D. ! Vous interprétez le rôle de Kyle Matthews admirablement, avec beaucoup de sensibilité !... Vous êtes pour moi, un grand acteur, très touchant !! Je vous ai découvert dans "La onzième heure" ("The eleventh hour")... Une très belle révélation ! Depuis, je l'avoue, je suis fan ! ;-) Mais dois-je ajouter que je le suis pour tout : pour l'intelligence de votre écriture dans votre blog, pour votre voix, si glamour, et pour votre excellente technique de taekwondo... Bref un artiste complet ! Merci pour le partage Monsieur !! 💙2 weeks ago

Fabie IndaReally nice work ! ❤️ it ! Magnifique presentation du personnage et du charmant acteur qui interprète ce rôle ! 😉2 weeks ago

Margaret MonaghanFabulous poster for the movie Matthew. I have seen this movie (ordered it on Amazon as I live inAustralia) it is fantastic. I really enjoyed it. As I have said before, you have an amazing gift of talent, music wise, acting, photography and of course martial arts.2 weeks ago

Jing LinJapanese and Chinese , cool !2 weeks ago